Smart Water Bottle

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If you work out regularly, you know that hydration is a vital part of your plan.  If it isn't, it should be.  This smart water bottle claims to be an excellent option for those forgetful people out there that don't drink enough water during critical times.

The Sportline HydraCoach will help you maintain healthy hydration by using calculations and tracking your intake of water, while pacing your consumption for optimal benefits.  I wonder, though, does it ever cut you off if you want more?

The bottle displays the amount and percentage of water concerning your daily hydration goals and then displays them on an LCD screen.  In addition to your amounts, it also has display areas for the date, time and the fluid intake per hour, with the elapsed time frame, too.

The Sharper Image has so many fun gadgets but this one really caught my eye because I hear too often that people don't get enough water.  Is this a good solution to that sought after goal?

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