Air Pump Bra Pad

The media has bombarded us with images of the non-existent "perfect woman" for years now, that what was deemed as pretty a few generations ago has been reclassified as fat and ugly today. While some men are insecure with their size and girth (how else would you explain the deluge of enlargement pill spam in millions of email inboxes each day?), certain women do chase after a much larger boob size through a variety of means. If you're not a Wonderbra advocate and stubbornly refuse to go under the knife to end up looking as though you had your breasts bolted on, then the Air Pump Bra Pad might be your cup of tea. It certainly does away with the need to stuff yourself with tissues like a Thanksgiving turkey, although there is a risk of an uneven pump job. Just stay clear of needles and you don't have to worry about deflation issues. The Air Pump Bra Pad will retail for $19.98 each.

Product Page via Foolish Gadgets

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