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The Main Career Opportunities for IT Graduates

Are you interested in completing an IT-related course? If so, there are many career paths you can take once you have this type of qualification. Below are some of the most popular and in-demand careers that are currently available.

Database Management Specialists

Modern organizations produce huge amounts of data and this information can be extremely important and valuable. This means it needs to be stored in secure, complex business systems where it can be accessed and modified whenever the need arises.

After completing a course like an online BSIS degree you should have many of the skills required to set up these database systems and maintain them. The future of a business can often depend on how well this is done, so a database management specialist has the potential to earn a substantial amount of money each year.

IT and Online Security

As today's business systems become more complex and more people use the internet, more IT and online security threats have emerged. To combat these digital threats, organizations must take more precautions by introducing advanced IT security systems.

Once again, these systems need to be set up and updated on a regular basis by someone. This has led to the creation of various types of security roles to keep the latest IT and online business systems safe and secure. With the companies' need for cybersecurity, many tech jobs available in San Francisco, Seattle, and Los Angeles are continuously growing.

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To access email, databases and the main systems in any organization, you need a reliable IT network. Most people who work in an organization take these networks for granted until something goes wrong.

If a network goes down it can prevent a lot of people from working and it can cost a business a large sum of money. The more times this issue arises, the more money it will cost, so it's essential to have a team of networking professionals who can deal with this type of a problem.

As well as keeping business networks up and running, networking specialist often carry out other duties too, such as adding security upgrades to business systems and upgrading the software systems and equipment used by a business.

Programming and Testing

Programming is a key component of any IT course such as an online bachelor of science in information systems program. This type of role is perfect for someone who has excellent analytical skills and is an effective problem solver.

High-quality software programmers and software testers are always required in software houses and any other organizations where software is developed. This means you will never be short of job offers if you master this technical skill.

Management and Team Leaders Positions

If you're a technical expert who also has great organizational skills and interpersonal skills, the world is your oyster. After proving yourself as a technical expert, there are countless opportunities to progress to a more senior role such as a manager or a team leader position. If you can achieve this, your value in these organizations will increase and so should your pay packet.

Once you graduate from an IT-related course, many career opportunities will present themselves. Above are some of the most popular and most lucrative types of career paths you can follow.