Let's Call Them "iNimals" Instead

Hasbro has the i-Dog, i-Fish and my favorite the i-Cat and now...can someone add more?  Sure!  Outrageous Internationals' Hip-Pop Pets has done just that to keep your music-loving children occupied.

A Frog, an Owl, a Pig and of course the usual Dog have been released and they don't take much battery power for some entertainment.  Just three AA's and you're ready to go.  Standing at 6.75- x 6.0- x 7.0-inches they are a good size for a table or the floor...or take them to your in-law's house to make lots of noise and distractions while you eat tons of food.  Nobody will notice, right?

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One person that purchased the toy said that the sound quality wasn't that great but the toy was cute.  Another on the site said they wished for more choices, but these are already added to many that I've seen out there.  I'm sure there's not an end to the creativity we've already seen.

At $19.99 each (if you hurry they are on sale for $14.99!) they feature two modes of play.  Speaker mode for music to be blasted and enjoyed and interactive mode so that you can add sound effects to your chosen tracks as they play.


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