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6 Gadgets That Will Change the Way We Sleep

With the enormous amounts of stress that a modern lifestyle entails, as well as its maddening tempo, insomnia has become a global epidemic. You will struggle to find a person who is unfamiliar with the twisting and the turning, the frustration and the anxiety that accompanies any sleepless night.

sleepy girl alarm clockMany of the affected rush to the doctors and the pharmacists, believing that sleeping pills are the fastest way to solve the problem – and they can be, but a solution like this is only temporary. There are also many experimental natural sleep therapies on offer, however, they tend to be expensive, take a long time to produce any visible results and are rarely proven to be effective.

If the two most popular remedies are untrustworthy, what can you do when insomnia strikes?

Well, in a case like this, modern technology might just be your best bet and, as the shelves are loaded with all kinds of products claiming to offer a long-term respite from sleeplessness, we are rushing to help you sift through the scams and choose the latest gadgets that actually work.

young woman sleeping blue sleep maskFrom smart pajamas to adjustable beds, here is our selection of sleep gadgets that will or have already changed our sleeping habits.

Athlete Recovery Sleepwear

Originally designed by Under Armour for professional athletes, but you do not have to be one to benefit from these innovative pajamas.

A soft infrared print on the inside of the garment promises to absorb the natural heat produced by your body and reflect the energy back onto your skin. As we all know, temperature fluctuations can negatively affect the quality of your sleep, but smart pajamas are able to get rid of the problem immediately.

Smart airbeds

These luxury airbeds allow you to customize the firmness of your air chamber mattress with a couple of clicks on your Smartphone screen.

The concept has been around for a while, but some of the additions to the line are game-changers.

The best of these airbeds from the future, can also measure your heart rate, breathing patterns and movements – and if you connect it to your fitness tracker, you can synchronize the two gadgets in order to receive in-depth information about your last night’s sleep.

How cool is that?

smart airbedYou can see some of the top airbeds tested and listed here on, a website dedicated to reviewing the best air mattresses.

Sleep Masks

People often use sleep masks in order to get a good night’s sleep – however, the Glo To Sleep Mask by illumy is no ordinary sleep mask! It uses the technology otherwise used by NASA on their space stations by blocking out any external light and using different colors to produce certain natural signals within your body.

gts 2000 sleep mask

The mask’s red or blue light gently puts you to sleep every night, while the blue light helps you wake up refreshed in the morning. It is extremely simple and it has been proven to work.

Smart Earplugs

Noise is another important issue which relates closely to sleep deprivation and you can conquer this problem by purchasing Hush Smart Earplugs. All that you have to do is put them in and let the calming, relaxing sounds coming out of the earplugs put you to sleep. In addition to producing dreamy harmonies, the earplugs are also designed for expertly precluding all of the external noise – such as snoring, music, traffic or just about anything else – from reaching your hearing range.

Meditation handbands

This one is a dozy. Not only does it help you fall asleep, but it also promises to provide you with long-term benefits by teaching your brain how to handle stress more efficiently.

Take the Muse headband as an example – it lets you participate in a wide range of meditation exercises, which are controlled by an accompanying app.

pexels photo 3While you listen to the soothing natural sounds, this innovative gadget measures your brain activity and then transfers the collected data to the app, which is able to adjust the sounds according to your mental state. It is easy to see how an invention like this can transform your sleeping schedule – and your whole life.

Innovative sleep apps

If you like the idea of the Muse Headband you’ll love the 2breathe Sleep Inducer.

It combines a gadget with a mobile application. It’s based solely on your breathing. You will receive a sensor to comfortably wraparound your torso and which then proceeds to measure the depth of the breaths that you take as you sleep.

Once the data is collected, it’s transferred to the accompanying app and turned into soothing breathing exercises that are designed for you. The makers of the gadget promise to improve the quality of your sleep in less than three weeks and take great pride in their patented, FDA-approved technology.

The Windup

The variety of sleep-related gadgets currently on the market has never been quite so - there is something out there for everyone. Choose carefully, do not be afraid to experiment and, with the help of the latest technology, your insomnia can truly become an issue of the past.