Tech Pen for the Office

You need 256MB of storage in a convenient carrying case?  Look at this pen.  It will serve more than just one purpose in your life.  If you're good about remembering to take your ink with you everywhere but you seem to forget storage devices, this is a nice idea.  Also comes in a handy 512 MB capacity for just a little more ($23 or so).

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If you frequently like to have a "secret agent" look about you, again, you should jump for this pen.  Don't carry your floppy disks and jump drives hanging from your keys anymore.  Just use the PNY Technologies alternative.  A stylish ballpoint pen (comes with a refill) with an attached USB 2.0 flash drive for storing and transferring your files and photos quickly.

Also has a USB extension cable just in case you need some extra room or the USB slot is in a less accessible area.  At $17.95 or less (some were listed at $9.99), this would make a great gift for a boss or co-worker. 

One pen user said, "I've had this device for several months and have not encountered any problems with it either as a writing instrument or as a memory device. Its stylishness as the former makes it fun to use as the latter -- "Here, let me plug my pen into your desktop, and we can go over that document." Jaws may not exactly drop, but everyone wants one."

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