Go Anywhere Backpack

I would rank backpacks as one of the more essential things to own in life, never mind the fact that it lacks the bling quality and lifestyle statement that comes with other items up the "essential food chain." The Go Anywhere Backpack can safely be called the king of backpacks, as it can be folded into a pocket size bulge when not in use, making it perfect for folks who tend to do a whole lot of traveling. They're also extremely light and weigh nearly nothing when compared to an ordinary backpack. If you prefer not to wear straps over your shoulders, you can pick up the duffel bag version. all Go Anywhere packs are constructed using durable 70D rip-stop taffeta, and they are pretty affordable as well, not costing more than $30.

Product Page via Coolest Gadgets


  1. Jim 22 January, 2010 at 18:48

    30 years ago I bought a Mi-BAG backpack like this. Try looking for “Zip Out.” There is also a “Go Anywhere” that does not seem to be for sale. There is also a “Go Anywhere” that is a toilet in a backpack. 😐

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