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The Power of Words. Or Why Writing is so Important?

We are social creatures and we survive owning to communication. In fact, who does not love it? Usually, when we think about communication, two things (like writing and speaking) immediately pop up in our minds. In this article, we would like to pay more attention to writing and share with you a few writing tips.

Needless to say that writing plays a big factor in what we do day to day. In terms of communication, we resort to writing even oftener. For example, texting in social networks, which has become an integral part of our lives nowadays or for people who live at the far distance from one another, messages are quite a salvation. Here we should also take into account the people who have a hearing impairment, as for them it helps establish connections with the surrounding world.

Yes, words are a powerful tool, to say the least. Stephen King once said: “The most important things are the hardest to say”. We cannot deny it. When it is tough for you to speak up about personal matters, writing revelations will always come in handy. If you use words properly, they will go through anything. Break the ice or conversely build a brick wall from somebody or something.

Judging from previous experience, not always you can talk to someone about the things that bother, and the matter is not just that you may not have an understanding ear to hear you, the matter is in the thoughts, words themselves; the ones you cannot confide to no one other than a piece of paper. Thus, in such cases, it has been easier to put a few lines down so that we could shake off everything that chafed or upset me.

Nevertheless, a perfect writing (or at least a decent one) demands relevant skills to nail it. As we promised you in the beginning, we are going to share some tips how to get a knack for a good paper writing.

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Tip 1. Read as much and often as it is possible. It is well-known, that reading is a strong facilitator to becoming a writer. At this point, we will go along with William Faulkner, an American writer and Noble Prize laureate who said that it is better to read actually everything i.e. trash, classics, good and bad, and see how they do it. After that, write. You will know when it is worthy. But, if it is not, then throw it out of the window. If you’re going to write some essay on a theme that relates to literature, for example shakespeare essay, it’s extremely important to know what it’s going about.

Tip 2. Pay due attention to grammar nuances. For instance, a successful writing does not always require a two-volume output. Here the size is not so important. Better let it be shorter and catchy than long and flat. Next, obliterate misleading or so-called “weasel words”, so that your text could sound unequivocal and clear.

Tip 3. Employ examples and quotations in your writing. We know, some people, especially students, complain that they lack in examples, however text deficient in cited instances is bland, insipid and not credible.

Tip 4. Alright lads, my skin’s having a party tonight, you’re all invited” or, “I think I owe you a pig’s ear” – those are rather sophisticated utterances, especially for not an advanced reader. Hence, we would recommend you to replace jargon, slang with clarity.

Tip 5. Do not be afraid of criticism. Even if you came under fire, save on your grudge and listen to the criticism and preferences of your readers.

Therefore, strong writing skills are extremely important in our world. Of course, if you do not want to improve this skill, you can hire a professional writer, who provides essay writing help for a nominal fee. This person will carry out this task for you. However, if you are sure that it’s almost impossible to hit the jackpot without strong writing skills, you should follow our pieces of advice to reach the success as soon as possible.