Ditch the earphones: iPod goes Zoom

Ipodearphones We walk with it, run with it, have coffee with it… where does the iPod not go? Only where we don’t go! Now, you can keep using your iPod even when sharing your car: Apple is teaming up with several car manufacturers to seamlessly integrate the iPod with car U.S. cars will have this option available for those of us who are iPod-dicted.

By the end of the year Ford and GM will be bringing out iPod-friendly models out. GM developed an affordable adaptor for our little gadget. Apple should have designed the name of the device though, because GM kept made it into: “Personal Audio Link”. Descriptive but not exciting. It is moderately affordable, retailing at less than $160.

While driving you can get access to playlists and artists’ names, as well as get clear, crisp sound right out of your own stereo system. Ford is being a little more economical, they are going to be offering input jacks in most of their new models, without the $160 price tag.

Not only has iPod taken over the world, it is also taking over our cars. And for us Tech-gals, that is a very good thing!

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