Ripple Bluetooth Headset Concept

bt My favorite Bluetooth headset is the new Jawbone because it's small and stylish, but what if a headset could look more like an accessory for women? An earring perhaps? That's what Ilya Fridman has explored with her Ripple Bluetooth headset design. Popgadget says the earring clips on to your earlobe and features a hidden microphone so you can make your calls.  When you're done, you can just push a center button to listen to music. I'm not a fan of clip-earrings, but this headset looks better than anything I've seen. What do you think?

Here's how the designer describes her creation:
The idea of smooth fluid sounds waves, like that of ripples in a still body of water is the main inspiration behind the design of this headset. The rubber earring clasp design allows this headset to attach itself to the earlobe much like an earring. This allows it to have a clean minimal look without any heavy over ear hooks weighing down your style.

The Headset can be activated in two ways: the first of which activates the ‘talk’ function and is achieved by flipping down the microphone; or it can also be activated for listening only (e.g. music) by pressing the button in the centre of the light ring.

Designed in 2008, this Headset was a shortlisted entry in the Plantronics - Sound Innovation Competition early 2009.


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