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Lingerie Has Never Been Better

Thankfully, in recent years, lingerie in general has been booming, and it’s about time! There has been a big boom as far as the quality and variety of things we girls can find, for all colors, shapes and sizes of us.

I’m going to go out on a limb here and recommend all of you girls do something different this February, at least all of us who are in relationships or want to impress somebody special.

Go out and buy some beautiful and sexy lingerie, even though Valentine’s Day is over. Especially since Valentine’s is over!

Why buy now? The idea is that nobody is going to expect something like that right after a major romantic day like Valentine’s. This will surprise the daylights out of your significant other/romantic person, and gain you relationship points like you would not believe.  This will be an unexpected surprise move that will win people over, or make them even more yours.

Be honest with yourself and your body type, and make sure you get something that’s actually you, and not you trying to be somebody else. Having said that, try to push yourself a little with this purchase.


You have to keep in mind that your significant other likes the way you look, and if this weren’t the case, the relationship probably would have already ended. So don’t be afraid to show yourself off with something a little more risqué than what you’d normally wear. When you see the reaction you will realize that this advice is really really good!

I’d even go so far as to say, don’t be afraid of bold colors, colors that really stand out against your natural skin tone. You may blush a little at first and think they are too whorish, but remember what the idea is here. You want to make a big impression! Let that inner Jezebel out a little; don’t be afraid to do so. Once again, afterwards, you will thank yourself for being so fearless and pushing yourself in this way.

Many of us, regardless of our body type, have obviously some body issues, and as well as turning your lover on, getting some really nice lingerie can help with our own self-esteem. The biggest benefit of this whole thing is what it will do for you as a woman.

So, happy shopping ladies! I hope to hear some success stories soon in the comments below!