I want my PodTV!

Ivod_2 I just got a video iPod, (sooo last year I know) but I waited this long since Apple likes to play a little game called "let's release a new iPod every quarter."  So I delayed my purchase at least until after MacWorld just in case they decided to release the video nano or something we must all have.  Now that I got the video iPod, I want to find free videos to load. I already TiVo Lost and Surface, so I don't really need to see them again. Desperate Housewives just doesn't appeal to me much (sorry DHW fans), and neither do the other shows they have on iTunes.

Soooo, dear readers,  I am in search of FREE videos, please share with me your secret "free loading" sources.  I found SearchforVideo, which is a nice way to search for free Video Podcasts, but I want to know what you watch.  Use the comments section below for recommendations.  Thanks! ~G