Girls Dominating Video Game Sphere

Supermaritframsida Girls are challenging the male domination in the field of games and technology, ok so that is not a news flash, but we like to support women who take on that "challenge". Sorry guys, but there is a new gang in town called Supermarit, who :

"aims to support and empower women's position in the game industry and to encourage girls participation in the technoculture.

SuperMarit is for women in business, researchers, students, prospective developers and players to stimulate new encounters, co-operation and inspiration between the groups. By enabling this dialogue we create a synergy that encourages new games and business ideas to market. In this way we belive that SuperMarit can challenge the male domination in the field of games and technology." [Via]

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  1. JediPrincess 6 July, 2005 at 06:57

    Wow! I’m shocked and delighted. I just started my blog on gaming about a week ago. But I’m leading a gang of my gal friends here in atlanta to start our own gaming squad. It very cool to know there’s a lot more of us out there, not just extremely sparse packs spread ofer the globe.

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