Kodak Ultra Compact Camera for tight situations


While everyone is fawning over the latest digital cameras available on the market, there are still some situations where a single-use camera comes in handy. Those times include moments where you know the party tonight will be nothing short of wild, and risking your newly purchased DSLR in such a situation would be folly. Kodak has unveiled an Ultra Compact Camera specifically for situations such as those, offering an average performer in a package that has some class when it comes to design.

The Kodak Ultra Compact Camera is equally at home outdoors and indoors, offering a stylish and reliable device for you to capture special moments where it is just not worth risking more expensive equipment. For just £9.99 a pop, you can be assured that it won't cause a huge dent in your wallet. Each Kodak Ultra Compact Camera is equipped with a Kodak Ektanar lens and relies on Kodak's 800-speed film to preserve your memories. Just remember to set aside some money for processing those photos as the cost can add up without you realizing it.

Source: Tech Digest

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