PodSpot industrial sized speaker system

Now here's a concept speaker that will definitely make your beach parties a literal blast - it comes in the form of a large industrial sized speaker and will cater to not only your iPod, but other compatible MP3 players as well. Taking on a splash-proof design, it is more than capable of handling the rugged outdoors, although those who are more meticulous with their iPods will probably think twice about bringing this to the beach sans Otterbox. The external surface looks nice to the touch, but being an outdoor speaker system, you can be sure that scratches and nicks will be a common occurrence. The internal battery will power a wide range of tweeters, horns and two 10? subwoofers for up to 24 hours without taking a break. It is capable of a 115 db output, more than enough to attract the attention of everyone in the vicinity while you strut your dance moves.

Source: Yanko Design

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