Guitar Hero Goes on Tour, Takes DS


Do you find yourself jonesing for a Guitar Hero fix while you're at work? Activision is about to make all your Rock God/Goddess dreams come true with  the upcoming`Guitar Hero: On Tourgame specially made for the Nintendo DS. In order to work like the real thing, the company teamed up with Red Octane, who developed a Guitar Grip that allows you to hold the DS like a book. The special adapter plugs into your GBA slot, and features four frets, a guitar pick stylus, and uses both screens to display the game. The touchscreen displays a guitar you strum with the pick, while the other screen shows the scrolling notes you have to hit. So far, Activision says 20 songs have been licensed from bands like No Doubt, OK Go, and Nirvana, and they expect the game to be released this summer. No pricing has been announced yet. Source: IGN


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