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MinoFlip HD now in Chrome

f460_07largeFlip has launched a special chrome-finished Flip Mino HD to celebrate its second year anniversary. I take my MinoHD everywhere I go, and highly recommend it to anyone who wants to create  high definition videos  without spending a fortune on a full size HD camera. What I like the most about it, is that you can quickly upload videos to your YouTube channel, and when you travel you don't have to worry about carrying all kinds of cables and power adapters because the Flip Mino has a flip-out USB arm that lets your computer recharge it. You can also edit the videos with the included software, or use your own video editing programs like iMovie.  The MinoHD  is also available in black, and features 4GB of memory along with a 720p resolution. I can usually record up to one hour of footage, which can be a problem if you forget to clear old footage. I wish it had an SD slot because battery life is excellent and so is the video quality. Many of the videos on Techie Diva are done with the Flip Mino, and one reason I like it is because the microphone faces the subject being recorded so sound quality is pretty great. You can personalize your Flip Mino HD or choose the limited edition chrome MinoHD.  You can view more details on Flip.com.

On a side note: David Pogue has some very interesting advice for those who use Flip cameras and encounter rending problems when using  Final Cut Pro. Thanks Beth for the tip!



  1. Josh Auriemma 19 April, 2009 at 19:55

    I designed a cover for a MinoHD and ended up not buying it because the wait was real long for a custom job. I think I will suck it up and get one though because as far as I know, it’s still the best bang for the buck with respect to HD video.

    Also, I’m amused that your human checker requires knowledge of order of operations.

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