Tips for PC Gamers

For PC gamers just starting out, it is advisable to make a custom PC specifically for gaming.  There is much to learn when it comes to a gaming PC such as how it all works and how everything fits together such as RAM, motherboards and CPU’s.  It is best to shop around for the best deal and to decide what kind of experience is wanted before buying a gaming PC. Getting some good advice from various PC outlets and doing online research is advisable. A good budget is important and it is also a good idea to try out different games to see which ones stand out.  

Everybody has a different expectation when it comes to PC gaming.  Some gamers are not really that serious and will enjoy gaming as a casual hobby and play games such as Visa slots, Angry Birds or games from the PopCap range of games.  Other gamers are looking for fast games where they can move up different levels to become a professional.  Some gamers enjoy a game of poker or blackjack or some type of puzzle game and this will keep them happy for a few hours.  Then there are serious gamers who enjoy playing PC games like Battlefield which will require a more expensive type of PC with a good quality CPU, which may cost a bit more, but definitely worth the extra money.

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Gaming Online

When it comes to game sessions, gamers do not necessarily have to buy loads of games immediately.  OnLive offers gamers a range of games, hundreds of games, through PlayPack.  There is a minimal cost to subscribe and gamers can play these games for an unlimited amount of time.  Because it is cloud based gamers do not have to concern themselves too much with processors and such to enjoy the experience.  

Gamers may have heard of Steam, it has become very popular among PC gamers who enjoy playing online.  It has fantastic sales each season and hundreds of PC gamers have taken advantage of these great offers.  Steam is very easy to use and all that is necessary is for gamers to register and set up an account.  They can then make their purchases by entering their credit card information.  Gamers can then enjoy the perks of Steam such as adding friends and posting on boards about games as well as letting friends know about inexpensive games on offer.  

Another great service is Origin and is becoming more and more popular with PC gamers mainly because of its range of EA games and other third party games.  The registration process is a little more complex than Steam.  Once a gamer has signed up they will have access to the older classics as well as the latest games.  Gamers can also make use of other online stores such as Amazon for their games and there are many other outlets with good quality games and it is always a good idea to compare prices.  It is important for gamers to ensure they know the specs of their PC as some games will require a certain amount of storage space to work.  


A gaming PC will need a good quality mouse and this is very important.  A touch-pad will not do the job as well as a mouse and this is especially true for first person shooter games.  The Xbox 360 controller is also a good option.

PC gaming is a great way to enjoy games and is an alternative to console gaming.