Savant releases Rosie Contemporary Remote

Remote controls aren't exactly the most cutting edge device in your living room, but that doesn't mean it cannot be given a tech facelift, right? Savant thought along the same line and have released its Rosie Contemporary Remote which offers a form factor which is far different from that of the regular rectangular design which we're so used to. This remote comes with a variety of control options, imitating an iPod somewhat. The On Screen home control menu puts the Rosie Contemporary Remote a cut above the rest, allowing you to use just your thumb to scroll through a variety of lighting, audio/video, security, and thermostat controls among others. Hard buttons located on the side of the touch sensitive scroll wheel can also be programmed to work with a bunch of other functions. These remotes don't come cheap though, retailing for $400 a pop, and if you're feeling a little bit more flush than normal due to your unexpected windfall at Vegas last weekend, there is the $3,800 option that nets you a model with On Screen Display.

Source: Luxury Launches

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