EasyBloom helps preserve your plant's life

Those who lack green fingers and have killed countless plants might soon lose the will to last the distance, if cultivating a healthy plant is the last thing they'll do in their lifetime. Here is the EasyBloom device which retails for $60, and it aims to help you maintain the health of your plant according to its needs at that very moment. All you need to do is place the EasyBloom sensor in the chosen area for one full day, and it will get to work collecting data on various markers such as light, temperature, humidity, and soil moisture of said location. After 24 hours, you hook up the EasyBloom to your computer via USB and it will go through its database of 5,000 plant species in order to recommend flowers which find that soil condition suitable for optimal growth. Woe to you if all pots in your home are suitable for growing nothing but cacti - it's best to relocate then, I guess.

Product Page via Outblush

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