Playful Lover's Cups

Many of us would call or write to our loved ones when we miss them. Not MIT students. They develop cool gear like these ambient light cups that connect wirelessly to sense when the other one is using it. The cup actually produces a glow when your loved one takes a sip.  The cups are part of  Jackie Lee's "Dinner Together" set that includes the Lover's cups, Family Dishes, and Emocloths. Loverscups

"The Lover’s Cups look ordinary, except for tracks of LED lights around the rim and up the side.  Sensors allow each cup to “know” what the other is doing.  Take a sip from one, and the other’s rim glows.  Continue drinking, and the lights down the side of the other go out one by one. In a similar fashion, each salad bowl shows how full its mate is its mate." Source [Infostheics]

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