Japan to receive Nintendo DSi today

Are you looking forward to Nintendo's latest handheld console, the Nintendo DSi? Well, if you are, then you had best make a beeline for Japan tomorrow as the gaming giant releases 200,000 units all over the Land of the Rising Sun in order to meet the three-day weekend break. Nintendo forsees shortages for this revised handheld console, and will be shipping an additional 100,000 units on November 4th itself. This release by Nintendo is hoped to stop or slow down Sony's PSP surge where sales figures are concerned, although lifetime sales of the Nintendo DS are virtually in pole position no matter how many more PSPs Sony manage to sell each week. Globally, the DS is still king in terms of sales figures, but back home in Japan, Sony has taken the lead where portable gaming is concerned. Those living in Japan will be able to pick up the new DSi tomorrow for $192 after taking the exchange rate into consideration.

Source: Reuters

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