Remote controlled skunk could scare some

Don't you just hate skunks? After all, they have a self-defense mechanism that leaves a less than desirable smell in the vicinity (and often, on their victim as well that will take days to go away totally). With this remote controlled skunk, you can give a good scare to past victims of this black-and-white striped mammal, although they might actually let their fear get the better of them, only to search for the nearest available broom and start beating at it while screaming in a frenzied, animal rage. That would mean your $39.98 toy would be rendered basically useless, so you might want to think twice before playing a prank on others. The remote control skunk is able to perform the most basic of functions - no strafing, but it does move forwards and backwards along with a flicking tail. Too bad there is no compartment for it to squirt a mist of air freshener for a really pleasant surprise.

Product Page via Foolish Gadgets

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