Gizmo for the Car Lover

Do you spend nights dreaming of cars and trucks, days watching NASCAR, and weekends racing?

Even if you don't, you might know someone that does, and this cute Engin-er Place Setting makes a great gift for someone that's in this category.  The bowl is shaped and designed to look like a tire.  The 6" diameter Tire Bowl has available accessories, though, like the insulated Piston Mug for your coffee or OJ.

And, if you think that's not quite enough, check out the matching utensils with a case.  A regular fork, spoon, or knife just won't be the same anymore when your gear-head sees this set.  In a molded black tool case they are stored away until you need them and they are designed with tools on the end of them.

Could make an amazing gift for the right person!  I love that the photo features a Cheerios-type cereal in the bowl.

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