Philips GoGear LUXE MP3 player does more than just music

Philips is back in the groove where MP3 players are concerned with the GoGear LUXE from its GoGear portable audio player range. At first glance, I was fooled into thinking this was a miniature Nokia Prism handset from afar, but upon closer inspection, I realized that I won't be able to make any phone calls from this, but instead use it to playback my favorite MP3 tunes only. In addition to being a portable audio player, it also doubles up as a Bluetooth headset that features a built-in microphone to answer any incoming calls. Other technologies include active noise canceling, a one-line display to relay basic information, an integrated FM tuner, 2GB of storage space and proprietary audio enhancement technology that helps remove audio compression artifacts for clearer audio. You will be able to choose from red, silver and a chromed shell (the latter in the future), as long as you're willing to part with $94 for the GoGear LUXE when it is launched in Singapore this November.

Source: Electronista

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