Sega Toys Pet Care Clock

The Sega Toys Pet Care Clock is a pretty redundant device, but then again redundancy does not seem to be a criteria when it comes to manufacturing gadgets and gizmos. After all, if you're a responsible pet owner, surely you won't need an alarm clock to remind you that it is time to feed your pet, pick up its poop or clean its aquarium, do you? This is nothing but a renamed alarm clock, but there are certain segments of the pet-owning population that will purchase anything with the words "For your pet" on it, so who am I to stop the $40 Sega Toys Pet Care Clock from being marketed? One stark difference this has from an ordinary alarm clock is the fact that it will sing Happy Birthday on your pet's human age birthday. This is made possible by keying in your pet's size and age beforehand, of course.

Source: Gizmodiva

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