HSGi hugs your cameras with silicon covers

We all know that DSLRs are extremely expensive, which is why there are a fair bit of protective cases offered for such devices. What about your average consumer digital camera? I hardly see any rugged casing provided in the market, and those leather pouches don't do nuts against a nasty drop onto the concrete floor. Unless you're rocking to Olympus' tough range of consumer level digital cameras, other brands do not fare too well when they say hello to knocks. The HSGi silicon cover is made from translucent, non-toxic, flexible, and durable silicone, featuring a petal-shaped lens cover that gives complete protection to the lens when not in use, just like a lens cap. It might not do too much against a nasty, fall, but at least it offers an anti-static finish that repels dust, moisture, scratches and dents. Choose from black, white and pink colors for $16 a pop. It is compatible with selected Canon and Panasonic models.

Source: Far East Gizmos

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