Super Tiny Keyboard

I don't know about you, but asking me to use the Super Tiny Keyboard would be akin to torture. This small, slim and extremely portable peripheral connects to your computer via USB (no wireless here, boo-hoo), making it a snap to work in cramped environments. I find that even the Asus Eee PC 701's keyboard is already too cramped for my tastes, as I tend to press the wrong keys due to the keyboard layout that is pretty limited, so I'm guessing the same thing applies with the Super Tiny Keyboard. It features silent switches which might appeal to some and not others, since there are people who prefer some sort of feedback while they're gliding their fingers over the keys. The Super Tiny Keyboard measures a mere 170mm x 73mm x 15mm and weighs just 116 grams. For $25, you will be able to bring home this 56-key keyboard.

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