Sexy Magic Dress

T434264dcWhat? A dress that makes you look and feel sexier without diet or exercise? Apparently. The Magicwear dress has gravity defying body-shaping technology that according to UK's Telegraph writer, "It transforms you into the kind of woman you might see painted on the side of a B52 Bomber." Most of us have body image concerns, so anything that tucks, shapes or magically eliminates unsightly bulges will always get my attention. They need to make a whole line of clothes that slims your body beyond recognition for us American girls. We live in a society that worships anything thin--even gadgets--except some of us are too busy to actually work at it. Instant gratification is the name of the game. Read Bryony's review of the dress, and find out how she got her groove back.

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  1. cardeia 17 August, 2006 at 07:42

    I read Bryony’s review. I would love to have one of these “magic dresses”! But I think there is something she forgot to mention about this dress that is more important than the tummy-flattening properties of the fabric.

    When she wore the dress, she felt feminine, pretty and flirty. She carried herself taller, she made more eye contact because she felt more confident!

    Now, When she finished her day out and about wearing the dress, she had been given attention, numbers, proposals (some indecent!) and commented that everyone treated her differently.

    Was it because of the dress making her look sexy, or was it because she felt sexy and projected that while wearing the dress? Sexiness and attractiveness can only go so far with nip and tuck garters and such. The rest is all about attitude.

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