Asus Eee PC specifications available

asus-eee-pc-detailsIf you're interested in picking up the Asus Eee PC, here's more word on it. Don't expect over the top performance numbers with the Eee PC, as the best model packs in a mere 8GB SSD and 1GB RAM, while the entry level model ships with a mere 2GB SSD and 256MB RAM - numbers that definitely won't do in this day and age. Imagine running Windows on this configuration - you'd be practically crawling! The price range can't be beat though, hovering from $299 to $399. Each Asus Eee PC comes with a trio of USB ports, Open Office software suite to get you started in documents, presentations, spreadsheets and databases, as well as audio and video playback options. You can expect the Eee PC to hit the US within a few weeks.

Source: Gizmodo

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  1. Anon 31 October, 2007 at 07:04

    HI –
    Only problem wth Eee PC is:

    Does not have OLPC Dual Mode LCD (so no outside sunlight viewing the screeen).

    At 3 hours, Eee PC does not have the best battery life (One Laptop per child sets the bar on this one). If ASUS used the same screen and processor as the OLPC then maybe they would have longer battery life.

    OLPC has Mesh Networking (not included with Eee PC)

    However, the size is wonderful as it will fit into a purse… and still have a somewhat usable keyboard, has WiFi, ext. monitor adapter, and with USB keyboard could use it as a desktop system that you can take with you almost anywhere.

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