Thanko Magnetic Earphones

Earphones are definitely useful if you want to listen to your collection of music without any outside interference, but anyone who wears them for long periods of time can attest that they aren't too comfortable in the long run. Thanko aims to solve this problem with their Magnetic Earphones, featuring a soft magnetic foldable strip that is attached to the ear lobe while the earphone is directly placed in front of the ear's auricle external acoustic meatus. In this position, you will not only get  to listen to your favorite tunes in the most optimal settings, it also leaves you open to tune in to the rest of your surroundings. There are two models available, for the iPod and compatible MP3 players as well as another one which features an integrated microphone for PC use. Available exclusively in Japan only, the Thanko Magnetic Earphones will retail for approximately $18.

Source: Far East Gizmos

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