Can The TV Get Thinner?

Sony has claim to a new TV that's only 3mm thick.  That is 0.12" of TV goodness but is the display going to be able to capture our eyes, too?  The XEL-1 might have a slim figure but the screen, which utilizes OLED Technology, is limited to 11" diagonal. 

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A treat that there is no backlight needed like you have with an LCD so this makes it easier for them to design but the size is not as impressive.  Sony does say that the resolution will be 1,000,000:1 contrast ratio (are you sure, Sony?) and the resolution will come in at 960x540 pixels.

I'm not sure that this cute little thin gadget would find a happy home with me, and with a price tag of $1,740 I can guarantee it won't.  Most of my gaming is done in a higher resolution anyhow.  Still, maybe Sony has paved the way for improvements.  Currently only available in Japan, but watch for it to head to the states soon.

Source Photo Sony Japan (translated)

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