Taser C2 takes on pink shade

pink-taser-c2Most people won't associate the color pink with something macho, but instead leans towards the feminine side. With the nature of work and lifestyle that many single women lead today, it would be safer to carry around some kind of self-defense device. While a pepper spray and personal alarms are old hat, the Taser is still relatively new when compared to the aforementioned. The Taser C2 now comes in a color that will definitely blend in with the rest of your items in the handbag, coming in a lovely shade of pink.

The next time some creep wants to get fresh with you, the pink Taser C2 will definitely come in handy. It boasts a maximum working range of 15 feet - that's the equivalent of 5 meters, and in the world of Dungeons & Dragons, that would equal to casting a 15' protection spell. It has a maximum voltage of 50,000 volts that is more than capable of penetrating up to two cumulative inches of clothing.

Product Page via Ubergizmo

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