Easy Beautiful Butt Cushion

Getting a tight ass is no easy task, and throughout the centuries there has been many methods to get just the right rear in order to turn heads whenever you walk down the street. Exercise is still the best way (can't really help you if you're genetically disposed to have huge hips though), but that is often the slow and tedious route. For those of us who live in the quick fix age, there is the Easy Beautiful Butt Cushion from Japan that claims to turn your butt from flabby into a tight one. And to think you don't even need to break out a sweat as all you need to do is sit on it. No idea on why there is a hole in the middle though, but it apparently helps with your posture and ought to provide a clear channel should you decide to let out some flatulence during your butt-tightening regime.

Product Page via Tokyo Mango

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