DVD Creation Made Easy

You are living in a fast-paced world and you need to keep up.  How can you add to your time management with gadgets?

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This DVDirect DVD recorder might help with some of that.  Sony has created a way to bypass the use of a computer when transferring movies from your capture device to the actual DVD.  Do you like sharing home movies?  Do you work with the public to create memorable videos?

Sony wants you to look into saving time while making high-definition videos.  The VRD-MC5 recorder can transfer from Sony hard drive or Memory Stick Handycam camcorder keeping the 1080i HD resolution.  Not only that, but it can also pull from other devices including most camcorders, VCRs or digital camcorders but those are standard-definition.

Depending on your needs, Sony can probably save you quite a bit of time and the VRD-MC5 can also record digital photos to a DVD as a slideshow or simply for personal photo storage from any of the five most-used digital camera
memory cards.

Read the Press Release for more specifications.

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