Spy Camera Glasses

The next time somebody wears a generic looking pair of sunglasses and look your way, you'd best check whether that zipper is pulled up to where it belongs. Who knows, you might actually be a subject of the Spy Camera Glasses? All you need to do is wear a pair and take a walk around the neighborhood - snapping images is as easy as pressing the shades' arm, and it is able to store up to 10,000 pictures in 1.3 megapixel glory. Granted, it will never come near the quality of even your cell phone camera, but at least you get to share pics of hotties whom you come across with your friends at the end of the day. Each pair also comes with a set of headphones, allowing you to listen to your favorite MP3s for up to 6 hours before they run out of juice. Last but not least, the Spy Camera Glasses have polarized lenses and offer UV400 protection against the sun. It will retail for £89.99 per pair.

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