Hannuri Biz launches Nurian X30

Hannuri Biz has recently rolled out the Nurian X30, its latest multimedia electronic dictionary in Korea. This one also takes the route made popular by the iPhone, featuring pen-based writing recognition. Guess devices with plenty of actual buttons these days are a no-no, while those that require a whole lot of touching is more than welcome. The 4.8" LCD display ought to be more than adequate for your viewing needs (unless you have extremely poor eyesight), while the pantograph-type keyboard makes it a snap for easy and convenient input. You will get 62 different kinds of dictionaries inside in 11 languages (among them Korean, English, Chinese, Japanese, French, German, Spain, Italian, Thailand, Portuguese and Russian), while authentic native-speaker voice on search results make learning much easier. Other features are video and MP3 playback, e-book support and a voice recorder. The Nurian X30 will retail for approximately $350.

Source: AVing

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