Important Business, Or Not?

2646674177 edd6101efcSometimes at Techie Diva the items that we review include useful software that we find.  I'm not saying that you'd actually USE this, because you are probably the "hard at work" type that would never need such a program, but the Fake Progress Bar by Digital Volcano might be just what you're after.  It's Monday, after all, and maybe you have some other things to take care of before you start your busy day, but you know your boss won't understand.

Install this small program on your computer, click the shortcut and...well, look busy!  Digital Volcano has come up with a great looking fake bar that will make it seem like you're installing that new software package or maybe opening up an important zipped file.  The bars constantly move and update, giving text that's pretty important looking like "linking data" and "updating".

The only person that might worry is your IT department if they walk by--unless you ARE the IT department! The site also features other software, like a beta version of TextCrawler 1.1, that is a find/replace tool, and a forum to discuss their offerings.  Also, a Notepad Poker game, maybe?

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