Nokia & Visa - PayPal, too!

Recently, Visa and Nokia connected together in Malaysia to launch "the world's
first" credit card payment system that allows consumers to purchase
goods using their mobile phones.

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The Mobile Visa Wave Payment Pilot, which is
another move forward toward the fabled electronic wallet, uses the
Visa Wave smart card technology to send payment information into a

Just yesterday I got an invitation from PayPal to set up my mobile phone to send/receive payments through their system.  It was very easy to set up in my account.  Once there, it asked if it could verify the information by calling my cellphone.  I accepted the verification option and it immediately called my cell.  I then followed the voice prompts and it led me through security information for future transactions. 

Super easy!  I haven't used it to pay for anything yet but it's certainly a step toward future payments.  I wonder how many are comfortable enough to use the service.

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