Pilo Pilo Ring

Good thing is not Monday, but if it were, you'd be clever to wear a Pilo Pilo cushion ring to those early Monday morning meetings. Pilo Pilo is a tiny cushion ring that won't leave a mark on your face when you lean it against your hand. It appears to come in fashionable colors, and patterns to match your wardrobe, and looks so chic around your finger.

tinypillowring.jpgDesign Sponge spotted this ring at a design convention, so the product is in effect somewhere out there. Sadly, you the page doesn't mention where you can buy it, but with a little imagination you could probably create your own.

Update: Karen from Downstairs Studio tells me the ring is available through Sub Urban Silk for $23 each.

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  1. JaNii 9 November, 2009 at 09:49

    Nice post!

    That Pilo-Pilo Ring is very adorable and I guess might be useful when listening to boring class discussions. But the price is not… well yeah, not that adorable, because the site’s shop (http://www.pilopilo.com/shop.php) says they are at about $25 each, some at $35, depending on the kind. 😀

    Too bad I can’t find one in the Philippines, so I’ll take your suggestion. I’d just make myself a unique one. :]

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