XLink Connects You

2386750507 dea955b700 m Grace Digital has a wonderful gadget named the XLink that is a cellular bluetooth gateway.  It utilizes your home phone convenience and merges that with your cellular phone usage.  XLink was super easy to set up and worked on my first try.  I followed the simple instructions, plugged the XLink into the phone and immediately found the XLink in my Bluetooth list.

The connection was easily established and the sound was clear.  It connected my cellphone with a standard cordless that I had in the house.  Then, I was able to use my home phone receiver but all the calls coming into my cellphone rang into the house phone.  I can see this being very practical for people with National plans that desire to call long distance with a cellphone plan but wish to use the home phone receiver.

Simple to use, very few buttons, easy to understand lights and the convenience of Bluetooth were great combinations.  Caller ID and Call Waiting work just fine, so you don't sacrifice features, here.  You can also connect the XLink to your PC for more advanced use.

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  1. Mike Curran 13 January, 2009 at 00:37

    The mfr’s website says it operates on 2.4GHz frequency. My old cordless phones in my house operated on that frequency also and I found that the microwave oven interfered with the phone, so I wonder if this device would also be affected by my microwave? Anybody have any experience?

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