Design It, Carry It

What Diva doesn't enjoy styling things around a wardrobe or favorite piece of clothing?  As geeky as you might be, you probably have a flair for style, too.  In comes a neat idea to Dezign a Bag.

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From the handles, lids, hardware and inserts, you can make your bag completely original and snazzy.  Choose from wood and metal, multiple colors, nickel and brass, and 41 different pre-designed inserts.  What I like most about the site is that you can see your bag as you design it.  Make no mistakes, you'll know what you're about to purchase.

Not only can you completely go berserk with the customization but you can then print your own inserts on the site for a change-up.  Using a .pdf template you can add your own pictures or graphics and wear them, too.  Why not check it out?  The bags come in at $89.95 and you can customize to your hearts desire, or use pre-made inserts for around $20 a pop.

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