Virgin Mobile Goes Viral with Spitzer Ad

In the Web 2.0 era, ad firms will say and do anything to go viral, and Virgin Mobile Canada certainly didn't waste any time. I still find it hard to believe, but an ad of former Governor Eliot Spitzer with a thought bubble that says "I'm tired of being treated like a number" has been circulating the Internets--the number reference is in regards to his"Client Number 9" status with you know who.

Under the picture:

"At Virgin Mobile, you're more than just a number. When you call us we'll treat you like a person, not a client. Whether you're #9 or #900, you'll get hooked up with somebody who'll finally treat you just how you want to be treated."

CNet reports that Nathan Rosenberg, CMO at Virgin Mobile, said the ad will run in the papers for two weeks as part of some "You call the shots" campaign.  Hilary and Barack will also be featured in said campaign.

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