MiniSkirt Season 2 Samsung Phone

It's starting to feel like Spring now that we have more daylight in the evening. It's still a bit chilly here (in S.F.) but stores are filling up with bright, colorful dresses as they prep for Easter. Over in Asia, Samsung is also getting for Springtime too with the upcoming release a color phone collection they're calling MiniSkirt Season 2 (don't ask). The Easter egg-shaped phones (SCH-C225/ SPH-C2005/ SPH-C2255) are packed with smile detection, haptic touch, and will be available in jewel-toned colors like purple, greem and orange. Other nice features include a 2-megapixel camera, GPS, Bluetooth, and a dictionary.  Gotta love those Japanese phones.  Of course, these phones will never make it to the States, but it's always nice to see what the rest of the world will be sporting soon. (Akihabara) samsungminiskirt.jpgsamsung-miniskirt-phone447.jpg

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