Fish Loft

Do you ever get the feeling that your fish are getting bored with the scenery in there little pond? What if you could give them a better view of the world above the water? The Fish Loft is one way to accomplish such a goal. The Fish Loft is a clear plastic tube that mounts in your pond. You fill it with water by sucking out all the air and then the fish will have an extra area to swim in and explore. I am not really sure that this is a commercially available product, but it does seem to be simple enough to make on your own. The website shows how it works, so ideally, all you need is a clear tube and a way to pump the air out of the tube. I think this is a great DIY project.  [OhGizmo]

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  1. mikeburek 12 October, 2006 at 06:22

    You can get all the air out by just putting the whole plastic tube under the water. Then just tilt up the sealed end and keep the open end under the water.

    I hope the “schools of fish” don’t teach that the top of the water is flat 🙂

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