SweetPea3 targets kids

Man, talk about starting them young...extremely young. I'm talking about MP3 players here - remember the good old days where you did not purchase your very own radio until you were working? Or how about Sony's Walkman that became all the rage in the 1980s, with teens lapping it up at any retail store? Fast forward to today, and you get even babies who aren't old enough to decide what they want to listen to receive an MP3 player in the form of the SweetPea3. It somehow reminds me of Popeye's little kid, but I digress. There are no headphones or headphone jack with this, since it uses an external speaker instead. Targeting babies, this is definitely more durable than your iPod. Songs are transferred via USB, and the volume can only be controlled using a special button combination. A single AA battery powers it, although you can choose to let it run on AC power as well. The 256MB SweetPea3 retails for $89.95 a pop.

Source: Gearlog

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