Yes, it's here, the mouse with a built-in microphone and speaker.  I realize others have done this, but, to really put it all at your fingertips (literally) and enjoy VoIP the way it should be you might consider this model.

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Skype with USB is a fad and you can't go too far without seeing some item that connects the two.  The Skype MouseFone ASG-143 from Sysgration has nice features that will "call" to you.  Too bad the caller ID is only dot matrix, but maybe that will take you back in time so you can reminisce a bit.

The MouseFone offers an 800 DPI optical sensor, volume control and features that will keep both your pointing device and your talking device working smoothly.  Another nice feature is the independent sound chip for handling Softphone VoIP Voice Quailty.  Do you really think that combining so many gadgets will save us any time?  This one is doomed to make me get farther behind with work, I can just sense it.

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