Picard Solar Bag keeps gadgets juiced up

picard-solar-bagUnless you're an Amish, you probably can't escape the lure of technology. After all, one can safely come to a conclusion that having a laptop, an iPod, and a cellphone are three essential items in a modern person's life. To be without one would be akin to being handicapped in today's world (and I don't mean the physical sense). Unfortunately, when you have so many devices to keep track of, it can get quite confusing as you wonder which gadgets have been charged the night before, and which are the ones that need charging just before that long road trip.

The Solar Bag from Picard helps solve this problem no matter where you are, offering the ability to keep your laptops, cellphones, iPods and other MP3 players juiced up even under normal room light situations. This is made possible courtesy of the solar panels located on the outside of the bag that blend in with the overall design without looking out of place. The major drawback would be the $670 price tag, putting it out of reach for most people.

Source: RGS

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