Home Business With Expense, No Problem!

If you are self-employed or super organized at home, this gadget will catch your eye and give you the opportunity to streamline your expense reporting.  The Neat receipts software and scanner combination allows you to scan receipts in for auto-reporting.  Then, you enter additional details into the software to customize your reports.

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It will help you organize your finances by using OCR skills and taking the receipt numbers into the software, plugging the numbers where they should go, and allowing you to print reports quickly and easily.

The TravelScanner is a lightweight machine that is USB controlled.  Could be used during trips or at home in your office.  The software features search and filter options as well to keep you on your toes when trying to find something from the past.  Not only do you get the software and scanner but you also get a neat leather pouch to store the scanner in when not in use.

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