Vertical Mouse

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There is a big push toward ergonomic devices these days and some companies take a futuristic approach to the challenge of creating devices that cater to this issue.  This vertical mouse is an interesting product that works to relieve the muscles of your hand, arm and shoulder so that you can relax while surfing the net.

If you've ever had a repetitive strain injury, you know what a pain that can be, literally.  One way to avoid this happening is to take steps prior to the injury, and avoid it completely!  If you are a gamer, work on computers or a casual surfer, this SafeType Mouse claims to fix the awkward postures required by most mouse devices and keep you comfy and still quick on your game.

For around $74 you can own one, or give one as a issue though, if you're left handed, you've been left out for now.  Sorry. 

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